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As Bedford-based roofing contractors, Mid Cities Roofing Inc offers first-rate services available to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial clients throughout Bedford Texas and surrounding areas. Our roofers in Bedford help homeowners solve their roofing needs. For many years, Bedford has been inspired by Mid Cities Roofing Inc for integrity, quality, and customer care that makes us stand out from our roofing contractors in that area. We’re known for quality workmanship, which has enabled us to grow and become one of the premier roofing contractor Bedford, TX.

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Mid Cities Roofing Inc Bedford Company

Roof Inspections 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single property or an entire building, if you require a small fix or a major install, or if you reside anywhere near the Bedford area, we have the resources, equipment and expertise to assist you. If your metal roofing is showing signs of wear or leaks, and you need a roof inspection, our Bedford roofing company can assist you.

Roof Repair 

Maintaining a property can be costly, especially if the roof is compromised. While we offer new roof installations across Bedford and neighboring areas, we also prioritize cost-effective repairs for minor issues. We acknowledge that installing a new roof can be impractical due to expense constraints. Hence, our Bedford roofers suggest extensive roof repairs to deal with immediate concerns.

Roof Installation 

We are a licensed contractor in Bedford that handles every aspect of the installation, from initial assessment to final inspection, making the journey easy for you. H3: Roof Replacement When your roofing system goes beyond repair, our roofing company Bedford offers the best roof replacement options for your facility and budget.

Roof Replacement 

When your roofing system goes beyond repair, our roofing company Bedford offers the best roof replacement options for your facility and budget.


Regardless of your residential property’s type or roofing system, our local roofing company offers proactive maintenance plans to prolong its lifespan. While new roof installation can be costly, we prioritize cost-effective options like repair whenever possible.


Installing a new commercial roof in Bedford,TX isn’t just wise; it’s a great business practice. It adds to the appeal of your property, and also shows a responsibility to security for employees and customers. Our team at Mid Cities Roofing Inc excels in commercial roof construction and installation, catering to businesses of all sizes. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure satisfaction with every project, backed by a 100% guarantee.

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Your Top Bedford Local Roofing Installers

Your roofing system stands as a shield providing safety and protection. This is why it is significant for homeowners to entrust someone skilled and reliable with the responsibility. As a leading commercial contractor in the Bedford area, we offer unparalleled quality to our clients at each phase of the process. From manufacturing specifications to installation and maintenance, we manage all aspects of the process for various property types, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings as a roofer Bedfrod, TX.

Roofing Shingles Guide

Selecting appropriate roofing shingles can be a tough task for homeowners, particularly when a wide range of choices are available. Our Roofing Shingles Guide serves as a valuable resource, providing comprehensive information on different types of shingles, their features, benefits, and installation methods. By offering this guide, we aim to assist homeowners in understanding their options and choosing the best shingles for their needs and budget.

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How we work

Roof Inspection and Consultation: We will do a roof inspection to examine your roofing system to detect any indications of damage or issues. We will also provide consultation to homeowners during this phase.

Proposal: Here, we outline the scope of work, project timeline, and estimated expenses for approval.

Scheduling: Upon acceptance of the proposal, we coordinate a convenient time for both parties to commence the work.

Execution: Our skilled Bedford roofers carry out the agreed-upon repairs or replacements with meticulous attention to detail.

Quality Assurance: A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the completed work meets our stringent standards and exceeds your expectations.

Consider Mid Cities Roofing Inc Your Trusted Contractor

Your roofing system is significant as it saves you and your property from harm. Even a very small issue can result in a huge problem. Whether you’re looking to replace your property’s roof, fix some shingles, or want extensive repairs done, we can help.

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Q: What are the advantages of choosing metal roofing for my Bedford, Texas home?
Bedford metal roofing offers durability, energy efficiency, and a modern aesthetic. It withstands severe weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance.
Q: How to tell if my metal roof requires repair, and when should I contact roofing system contractors?
If you notice leaks, damaged panels, or rust on your metal roof in Bedford, Texas, contact our roofing contractors promptly. We provide timely inspections and efficient repair solutions to address any issues.
Q: Can your company handle roof repair services in Bedford, Texas, and what is your process for addressing roofing issues?
Yes, our company is equipped to handle roof repair services in Bedford, Texas. We conduct thorough inspections, offer detailed proposals, and execute repairs with precision, ensuring a lasting roofing system.
Mid Cities Roofing, Inc.

Our Promise

We are roofing professionals that treat every home like our own. We are professionals at staying on budget, and completing projects on time.

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